It was another gorgeous Friday afternoon spent picking berries after a long work week. My friend and I snuck out of town early and over to nearby Sauvie’s Island. There is a wonderful blueberry farm out there that grows about ten different varieties. This evening we were picking Blue Ray, which are giant bushes heavy with gigantic blueberries. They say they are good for fresh eating, but I will probably bake with them as well.

The conversation we were having was so great that I ended up with over six pounds of berries before I knew it. We just talked and talked, all the while filling our buckets. My arms are, pathetically, a little sore. But I am a firm believer that one can never have too many berries.

On our way out of Sauvie’s Island, we swung by another farm that is more of a market than a big “you pick” spot. They were carrying some local produce though, so I picked up some divine looking apricots. We will most likely eat them fresh for breakfast, so I doubt they will last long. I also picked up some peach salsa, since I have come to realize I have a mild addiction to that stuff. The sweet combo of the salsa with salty chips is everything I could crave in one fabulous snack.

We did eventually get back, and stay on, the road heading back to Portland. As we left, we saw a deer grazing through the farmer’s field. The field had “deer fencing”, so this guy must have jumped high, determined to have an evening feast. I should only hope my culinary delights tonight will be as fresh and delicious as his all night buffet.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson