It’s that time of year again: Portland’s 5th Annual Tour de Coops. I am very excited to be one of the coops on the tour this year! There are about 18 total coops on the tour, stretching to the north and south corners on the east side of Portland. There will even be an organized bike tour of the coops, although I doubt they will make it out to my house.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet real urban chickens and ask the owners any questions you may have about starting an urban flock. I attended the tour a couple years ago when I was thinking about keeping chickens and it was a great resource. I was also really impressed with the variety of coop options – your creativity is the only limit. Of course, if that overwhelms you, there is a good book I borrowed from the library that I based my coop design off of.

I had read several books before deciding to keep chickens, so I would understand what I was getting myself into. But up until the coop tour I had actually never seen a chicken up close! And the tour is also a great excuse to see some interesting gardens.

You can find all the details of the tour at this website, which explains where to buy the booklets that list the addresses on the tour and the times of the tour. You can go to one coop or try to make it to them all. Should be good weather and a good excuse to talk chicken!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson