I am officially tired of working on the patio. The project was a good idea, and I am sure there are lots of benefits of working on it ourselves. But I’m sick of it. We spent all day Saturday working away outside. We filled the dug out area with fine gravel from Mt Scott Fuel. Then we rented a compactor thing, which Jay was nice enough to man-handle himself. I was so tired and my hayfever was so bad that I had thrown in the towel for the day.

Sunday we treated ourselves to a long, leisurely morning. Jay made pancakes with currants I picked from the backyard. I fried up some bacon and we had everything we needed. A nice break from a long weekend of work.

In between engagements, I managed to lay about half of the pavers on Sunday. I admit I have done nothing since. But the weather in Portland has cooled down a bit since Saturday’s 80-degree high and perhaps I can find an evening later this week to get a little further along. All hopes of a “longest day of the year” party have been thrown in. I am working towards a “mid-summer night’s dream” party instead around mid-July.

Saturday I plan to spend all day finishing the patio. We need to set the rest of the pavers, then fill in the gaps with nice soil to plant the carpet thyme.

Sunday I am participating the first annual Fo-Po Garden Tour, even though I am technically outside the neighborhood. If you are looking for something to do that day, feel free to stop by and say hello! It’s the first year, so I am not expecting many people to come visit other than those I already know. What a great reason to wrap up last minute projects though!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson