I have been bringing excess produce into the office now for about a month, every Wednesday. This has really kept my vegetables on a steady production schedule – trimming things back every Wednesday morning just encourages the plants to produce replacements by the weekend, when we typically pull more from the garden for our dinners.

For some reason my beet leaves and swiss chard leaves are starting to brown. I think this might be rot from watering at night, instead of in the morning. I picked off the bad leaves and threw around the garden so they could compost in place. I need to muster the motivation to get up a little earlier this summer to do watering. It pains me, but it also pains me to throw away garden greens.

Mostly the office has been getting a couple bags of mixed lettuces, herb bouquets, or mixed greens (collard, chard, beet leaves). Today they are getting a smattering of the same. Everyone seems to love it though because they disappear within 30 minutes of me setting them out. It will come in handy when zucchini season hits! I always seem to have way too much. And Monday morning, on a whim, I decided to shove a ton more seeds in the ground – so I expect to be completely overwhelmed with squash in a couple months.

We have four green globe and one purple artichoke plants all growing in the backyard. They are my favorite veggie and there seems to be a ton of buds ready for picking out back. I can’t part with them by giving them away at the office, but I am looking forward to a week full of gorging myself on them.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson