My love for things with two wheels began a long time ago. When my dad pushed me down the hill in our backyard on my bike without training wheels as a child, I was scared to death but on some level found the experience quite thrilling. Years later, I adore my grown up bike, a Peugeot, and I get a kick out of being on the back of a motorcycle. (One of the best ways to see the German countryside, I might add.) So I guess not much has changed?

When Jay and I returned from a year living abroad in Spain, I decided to save my money for a scooter of my own. They are all over Barcelona and seem so practical when you consider gas costs in Europe, emission standards, parking, etc. Right as I had my money saved up though, life got in the way. We adopted a greyhound, we got hitched, we bought a house with a garden of my very own. All these things were more important to me than the scooter.

The idea has resurfaced and I’ve decided it’s time to get a softly purring scooter of my own. Of the little driving we do, most is close to home but far enough that we don’t ride our bike. As fuel prices increase, with no sign of coming back down, the time is now.

Lucky for me that I have a few motorcycling/scootering friends of my own to guide me with my purchase. I wanted it to be easy and fun – resisting the urge to research every single little thing before buying. So I went with the recommendation of a friend that knows way too much about two-wheeled objects and enough about me to make a good recommendation. We are buying a Yamaha Vino. Grey, so I have endless options for accessories. 90-something mpg, low emissions, and adorable.

Buying this particular bike means getting a motorcycle license, because it is a larger engine allowing two people to ride at once. It is funny to think about – me with a motorcycle license? And I hope my dad doesn’t have a stroke reading this, since he had an “incident” on his old Triumph earlier this year. But I’m only planning on using the license to operate the scooter and I feel very comfortable on the bike. Not sure I would feel that way on a huge, vintage Triumph.

Now comes even more fun stuff. Like, which jacket color combination do I choose? And can I find a matching helmet? With the money we save on gas, there should be plenty leftover for the “flare”.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson