Sauvie Island is a small farming community about 15 minutes outside Portland. It’s on a small island with one small bridge connecting the area to the outside world. Come Springtime, there is an ever revolving U-pick produce bonanza. And this is probably my favorite way to spend a Friday evening. Although I love supporting the local farmer’s markets, it’s even better to carpool out straight to the farm themselves.

My good friend Denise and I snuck out of work early and made a cannonball run to the farms Friday afternoon. We spent a lovely hour or so in the sunshine, picking Hood strawberries. They are a little smaller than the commercial varieties, but sweeter. Inside the general store, I bought a couple rhubarb stalks and some fabulous peach salsa. Sadly, I have devoured about half of the salsa already and it’s been less than 24 hours since I brought it home. The strawberries and rhubarb will get made into a pie later tonight, after it cools down.

Raspberry season is next up on the farms, as the strawberries are pretty much done after this weekend. Late July I will pick blueberries to freeze for the winter. August brings peaches and peppers. There is always a reason to get out there, and what a great excuse to flee the city after a long work week.

The broccoli is coming up, all at once, here on our little urban plot. It’s time once again for this awesome broccoli, cheese, rice casserole dish I am addicted to. It’s so simple and healthy and filling. And I never get sick of it, since broccoli season will soon make way for other vegetables.

It’s almost 100 degrees outside right now and I can’t think anymore. That’s all for now.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson