It seems like the chickens just sprouted overnight. Here is an updated profile on each of the girls (hopefully) and my crazy idea to follow these pictures:

Chick #1
Breed: Araucana
Coloring: Grey/White
Egg Color: Blue-Green
Additional: She’s a “floater”, neither the top nor bottom of the pecking order. She is still the cutest.

Chick #2
Breed: Rhode Island Red
Coloring: Reddish Brown
Egg Color: Light Brown
Additional: She is the leader and wins the curiosity award. The first to jump on the feed and water containers and usually the first to eat from my hand.

Chicken #3
Breed: Brahma
Coloring: White, feathered legs
Egg Color: Brown
Additional: The feathered legs are getting more pronounced. She’s a little tall and lanky currently, like the girl in third grade who is a foot taller than everyone else.

Chicken #4
Breed: Plymouth Rock
Coloring: Black/White
Egg Color: Brown
Additional: She is still the smallest, but she is growing and keeping up with the big girls just fine (enter sigh of relief here)

Chick #5
Breed: Araucana
Coloring: Brown
Egg Color: Blue-Green
Additional: She still looks like she is wearing eye liner. She was squawking the most when Chick #2 jumped up on the feeder – I think she has jealousy issues.

I am mulling over a semi-crazy idea for the chickens and I am curious to see if you guys think this is a bad idea. These chickens are going to lay like crazy once they get going, but they will probably be about six months old when they do start laying. I will probably adopt them out when they are around 3-4 months old. My current girls are slowing down a lot in egg production, which I am okay with, but they are in full laying mode for the season.

What if I join the two flocks though? I could wait until they all reestablish the new pecking order and then adopt out half of the joined flock. Whoever I adopted them out to would have two first-season girls (who probably won’t be laying yet and might still be a little awkward looking) and two older girls (who would be laying, but not every single day). The adopter would have two already laying chickens and more to start laying in a few months. I would be able to add more years to my flock by mixing in older girls with younger girls too.

Is this cruel? Am I heartless for feeling okay parting with one or two of my older hens? My farmer friend seems to think this would work out well, but I am curious what you guys have to say…

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Written by Renee Wilkinson