There has been a lot going on this past weekend, so very little garden work was done. Honestly, that was okay. A friend pointed out to me that I am the only one he knows who is outside working the soil in Portland right now. I think I deserve a little break.

The good thing is that the garden continues to develop without my hand holding. The flowering quince has blossomed and the crocuses have opened up. Even a few tomatoes have finally sprouted on my record player. Life is happening, even as I sit back reflecting. The kitchen counter holds a small crate full of eggs from the girls. Yes, Spring is quietly rolling back into our lives.

OH! How could I forget??? I heard back from Growing Gardens and guess whose coop will be included on the 5th annual Tour de Coops this year? Drum roll please… MINE! Maybe I shouldn’t be so excited, because they probably accepted everyone who applied. But I don’t care – I am totally excited. I will be sure to remind you all as we get closer, but come late July the girls and the yard will be open to a day of visitors.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson