It’s about 7:30 pm and the light is still fading. When I got home from work, the sun was still bright enough for a stroll through the garden. I checked the chicken coop and Winnie laid her first egg (the pink one). Now all three girls are laying and it was the first three egg day of the season! Spring has arrived and we are back in business.

My peas seeds haven’t come up and neither have the fava beans. I direct sowed both about three weeks ago, which makes me wonder if planting directly in my layers of sheet mulch is problematic. It has not had time to break down too much. Perhaps the seeds need to be planted with some soil around them instead of just into the ground?

Otherwise, things are happening – things are blooming. There are actual flowers in the front yard! The flowering quince, cornelian cherry, and daffodils are all putting on a show. The tulips haven’t opened, but they are up. I love their fat leaves, just bursting with water inside. Somehow that seems like a sign of health and vigor to me. The china blue vine has lots of new growth. In the backyard, cherry blossoms are getting ready to open, my lilac is waking up, and leaves are appearing on the currant bushes.

How lucky am I to find such simple pleasures in my own backyard.

UPDATE: Apparently my seeds wait for me to complain about them on this blog, then sprout up over night. I went outside this evening and low-and-behold: I see little peas and fava beans just popping their new stems through the ground. Hurray for the first day of Spring! Maybe they were just waiting to make a grand entrance?

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Written by Renee Wilkinson