Our house has a fabulous new improvement, compliments of our mad carpentry skills. That’s right – we have skills. Carpentry skills.

We have never been thrilled with our eating arrangement in the kitchen, and have hence not invited tons of friends over for dinner, unless the weather was nice enough to be outside. I had Ladies’ Poker with about eight friends once, and it was quite an uncomfortable fit. All the energy in our tiny house just seemed to smack right into that corner of rickety chairs and bad lighting, getting lost.

Well… no more!

Jay had the great idea to turn the awkward corner into a custom-made L-shaped bench. I designed it and incorporated piano hinges on the seats to lift up for added storage. We went into the project with very rudimentary carpentry skills, but we hated our current arrangement enough to brave the task.

We had the helpful guidance of my grandfather to oversee the operation. It was a good opportunity to spend long hours with him, as he’s getting up there and I know he loves seeing us. He is an amazing woodworker, so he taught us a million things in just two short weekends. (This is what is behind my motivation to rebuild the chicken coop. After learning so much, I can just see so many glaring problems with my current coop…)

Anyways, here is the finished project! We used an eco-friendly stain that we purchased from EcoHaus here in Portland which we were very pleased with. It looks great and we love gathering around the table now. My sister came over the other night for a seed swap and we were there for hours just sprawled out with catalogs, snacks, and plenty of elbow room. So look out world: We’ve got skills.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson