It has only been a few days since planting my first round of seeds, but I am anxiously awaiting their arrival into the world. One would think aliens have landed in our house when they see the strange glow through our front window, blinds closed, eerily bright light peeking through openings. My eyes are just glued on those little plastic domes first thing in the morning and last thing at night, scanning for signs of green.

My seed order from the Baker Creek seed company shipped today, so hopefully next week I will get those in the mail. I forgot what day I finally ordered them last week, but I would say it was close to a week ago. If I get them within another week, that’s not too long of a wait overall. It always makes me nervous ordering from a new place. Even more so since none of you readers commented to say you have any experience with them. It doesn’t help that I have been reading horror stories on other blogs about seed orders arriving incorrectly and chicken orders getting mixed up. Hopefully I will have just as much luck this year as I did last year with Bountiful Gardens.

This weekend I am driving out to One Green World to buy the planned trees and shrubs to complete the yard. Time to make final decisions between plant varieties! They have about ten different Asian Persimmon varieties, and that’s only one type of plant I am buying of about 15. Ah… decisions ,decisions. The weather is suppose to be lovely and hopefully everything can get in the ground quickly. I will keep you posted!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson