The seeds have sprouted! Well, the broccoli seeds at least. The kale and chives have yet to poke their little heads out of my newspaper pots. They were seeds from last season so I am hoping they have not gone bad. Doesn’t it just seem too quick for seeds to “go bad” after one season?

I was starting to get a little nervous about my seed order from Baker Creek because none of you readers chimed in with any experience ordering from these guys before. And with a website name as generic as ““, I was a little suspicious. HOWEVER, that said, things seem to be good so far. My order took about a week to process and only about 4-5 days to arrive in the mail. Oddly, I was reading Martha Stewart Living’s March issue, which just came out. In this issue she lists some companies she buys seeds from, and this was one of them (pg. 32)?? Weird since I have never heard of them before, but apparently Martha gives them a thumbs up – for whatever that’s worth.

I tore into my seed order right after work and got busy planting the five tomato varieties I ordered and the eggplants. Do seeds really go bad after only one season? If so, I am going to feel incredibly wasteful. I am planting six of each tomato, which is 30 total and way to many for us already. But each seed packet has at least 25 seeds. How in the world could I use all of those?

And when do I give up on my kale and chive seeds? It’s been probably a week and a half, but still no signs of life there…

The weather forecast looks manageable in Portland this weekend, so I plan set the teepee back up to get my sugar and snap peas growing around it. I believe it’s also fava bean time, so gotta get those puppies going as well. So many exciting things to do and it’s only February!!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson