Typically after the holidays die down, my Spring fever starts acting up. It’s that time already! The seed catalogs for 2008 have started pouring in and I have spent way too much time with them. What a peaceful way to spend a cold, January morning though.

I have decided a theme for my vegetable garden this year will be “Old & Ugly”. Anything warty, oddly-shaped, and heirloom will be my focus this time around. Not everything, of course, but rather an emphasis. It always surprises me the scope of flavor different veggies can have, but rarely do we get to experience that in a commercial grocery market. Typically there is only one type of zucchini, corn, tomato, potato, etc.

You might get a choice between a cherry and Roma tomato, but there are so many variations within those categories. Last year I grew a black tomato variety that was so meaty and rich. I can’t wait to find more delightful discoveries like that again this year.

When the final vegetable planting list gets put together I will be sure to post it. This blog has actually served me well as a gardening journal. I rely partly on a physical notebook I write details in, but so much is posted here about when I planted what – it should prove useful as I try to learn from last year and not repeat mistakes. Gotta make room for all the new mistakes I will make this year!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson