It’s been a long, cold weekend. The temperature has been hovering near freezing in Portland for a few days now. Friday evening we received an email that a friend battling cancer was in grave condition. So it’s been a weekend of waiting.

During rain breaks, I have been running outside to try to finish spreading the shrinking pile of wood chips – the last load. Leonard Cohen has been playing on my i-pod while I’ve been out quietly shoveling. It’s just been a really quiet, somber, solitary weekend.

We got word this morning that our friend passed away last night. He’s an adventurer, and this is one trip he has to journey on alone. You cry for the one who has left, but you cry for the ones who are left behind as well. It makes me smile to think some day, when we join him, he’ll love showing us around all the good places he’s discovered.

Wading through all this thought today, I saw a small sign of life pop it’s head up in the garden. I think it’s a daffodil and the first sign that this long, cold winter has the life of Spring waiting around the corner. A little beauty on a gray day.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson