Growing Gardens, a local non-profit here in Portland, is hosting their 5th Annual Tour de Coops this summer on July 26th. I am on their email list and they sent out the following asking for local urban chicken-keepers to consider opening up their backyard for the tour (click the image for closer detail):

This was a really helpful event back when I was pondering whether to get a backyard flock of my own. I highly suggest it for those interest in keeping urban-chickens, those that already keep chickens (fun to meet other urban chicken keepers), and those that just enjoy gardening in general. I find chicken-keeping and stellar gardens come hand-in-hand, and felt lucky to visit so many beautiful Portland backyards.

I have been considering whether I will participate, and I think I will – if they want me. Most of the questions people ask about keeping chickens are pretty easy to answer. From our experience on the tour a couple years ago, we met a lot of nice people, got some inspiration coop design ideas, and felt reassured knowing that urban chicken keepers were pretty nice, normal people.

Hope to see you out!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson