Roll Out the Harvest

I have this bad habit of working so hard to preserve the harvest and then actually forgetting all about it until the next harvest rolls around… Amazingly, I broke the habit this past weekend when I remembered the bags of frozen berries stacked up in our freezer. I decided it was a good time to… Read more »

Gray Days

It’s been a long, cold weekend. The temperature has been hovering near freezing in Portland for a few days now. Friday evening we received an email that a friend battling cancer was in grave condition. So it’s been a weekend of waiting. During rain breaks, I have been running outside to try to finish spreading… Read more »

Calling All Coops

Growing Gardens, a local non-profit here in Portland, is hosting their 5th Annual Tour de Coops this summer on July 26th. I am on their email list and they sent out the following asking for local urban chicken-keepers to consider opening up their backyard for the tour (click the image for closer detail): This was… Read more »

Food Forest Final Design

I’ve come along way since last May when I posted my first phase of the food forest garden design for the backyard. Lucky for me, all the trees and shrubs I planted last year made it through the season so I can build off of that initial plan. The Great Sheet Mulching of 2007 went… Read more »

Fruit Tree Pruning Tips

As mentioned earlier, I attended the Fruit Tree Pruning class this morning that was being offered for FREE through Portland Parks & Recreation. It started at 9:00 this morning, which was a little rough for me on a Saturday. Our power went out sometime last night too, so my alarm never went off. I actually… Read more »

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