The mound of leaves from the city was dropped off last Thursday, with 2-3 more loads on their way over the coming weeks. I was all set to dig in this weekend, but didn’t even make a dent. Saturday rained all day. This is Portland – I am used to working outside in the rain. But the rain was coming down in sheets all day, so I decided to wait it out and try my luck Sunday instead.

(Side note, the new One Green World catalog came in the mail Saturday, so that occupied a good chunk of my day. They’ve included some new, interesting edible plants I have never heard of plus new varieties of species I have on my shopping list.)

Sunday morning the rain had not let up. I hear it rained over two inches in just that one day, and I was out in part of it. In fact, several roads around the area flooded from the rain level over such a short period time. I think they even closed a highway for awhile. My rain barrels were spilling over, so I turned on their hoses for them to drain. The rain water was rushing in just as fast as it was rushing out into the garden.

After about an hour and a half outside I was worried about which pocket to put move my new, fabulous ipod to, since every pocket on me was soaking wet: coat pockets, front jean pockets, back jean pockets, even the middle pocket of my sweatshirt underneath my coat. Sideways rain. Strong winds. It was time to come in. I was defeated.

The leaf pile sits waiting in the front yard. And I sit inside nursing a new cold.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson