All structure in my life has flown out the door around the same time Jay flew out of town. He is visiting family for about a week down south. Unfortunately, we won’t be together for Christmas, but I am trying to look at the bright side: No horrendous holiday airport lines… no stripping off my shoes, belt, and coat in front of strangers to shiver through the metal detectors with my dignity slowly dripping away… actually enjoying our Christmas tree on Christmas morning… basically, following my folly.

I haven’t had a decent meal prepared at home since Jay left. Last night I ate a bit of medley of my favorite things: smoked sausage, cheese, fruit, and a fine microbrew. The Portland Farmer’s Market will be wrapping up for the season this Saturday, so I plan to make a trip. And I may just set a new record for visits to the Laurelhurst/Academy/Bagdad theaters within a week time frame.

Sure, I can only count my productive moments on only one hand, but hey that’s better than nothing at all. Here is what I have to show for the last week so far:

  • my poor car is clean (inside and out) and has a new starter. (that is actually pretty impressive if I do say so myself)
  • assortment of gourds are gone from the front porch and I decided afterall to save some of their seeds.
  • I am fully caught up on the first season of Flight of the Conchords

Impressive, eh?

That may just be it for the next week or so. I might take a Christmas morning hike on Mt Tabor with our greyhound, Howard. Or I might just stay in my pj’s for the better part of the day watching When Harry Met Sally, until I am forced to be social that evening with family. Perhaps there will be more posts than normal from me due to boredom, or perhaps that will be asking too much of my stilted motivation. Time will tell.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson