I am here just waiting patiently for Part III of the Great Sheet Mulching Project… The city was suppose to drop off a huge load of leaves a couple weeks ago. Every evening I come home expecting to see the towering mound, but nary a mound to be found.

I plan to call them today and see what’s up. I definitely need a thicker layer of mulch around the yard in order for things to break down properly before my spring plantings. If they can’t come through for me, I need go back and ask my wood chip guy to bring over more mounds of mulch. Hopefully everything can get wrapped up in the next couple weeks!

UPDATE: The Portland Leaf Line said my paperwork got lost in the shuffle. They are hoping to dump either tomorrow or next week. At least I know I am not forgotten! Their number (should you be interested in getting leaves too) is 503-823-1784.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson