My sister made me an awesome birthday gift that I wanted to share for fellow gardeners. It’s a pattern for a gardening apron from You Grow Girl. There are little pockets along the front to hold things like trowels, twine, seed packets, gloves, what-have-you. The possibilities are almost endless. Almost.

Anne tells me the pattern was really easy to follow and it took no time to crank out the apron. But for those like me, sans sewing experience, you can buy them ready-made from the You Grow Girl website in their store. If you start in making your own now, your apron will be plenty ready by the holidays.

That’s all I’ve got tonight. It’s freezing in our old house, the rain is coming down in sheets, and I am tired of eating turkey. I will feel more satisfied with my evening sitting in a lovely Portland second-run movie theater enjoying a microbrew and some pizza than I will typing away here at home. Hope you’re staying warm somewhere!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson