I just have to share the random chicken adventure from this morning. Here’s how it went down…

The chickens were free-ranging in the backyard and got excited when they saw me come in with a huge load of cardboard for our sheet mulching project. They ran over, probably expecting food treats, and Winnie got out because the gate was open. I was trying to lure her back in, but she got further and further down the side street.

I ran back into the yard to lure Pearl and Hazel back into the coop with a corn cob, and shut the door. Then I went back to luring Winnie into the yard. The two girls were making a ruckus, but I assumed it was because they were worried about Winnie.

Finally, I went back to the coop because the girls seemed like they were really freaking out. That is when I saw this wild cat lunge out of the hen house – completely freaked out that she has been locked in there with these crazy chickens. I ran to the coop door, threw it open, and two chickens and one insane cat ran and flapped wildly out, all scurrying away from each other fearing for their lives.

Pretty sure no one got hurt. I eventually got Winnie back into the yard. If I am trying to not look like a total freak to my neighbors, I am pretty sure this lost me a lot of points.

Eh, oh well. Back to work.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson