The Felony Flats Pub Crawl was a huge success. We had about 10 people that made it out on the rainy and cold Saturday night. There were about 11 bars on our list with a neatly laid out time frame for each location.

Here are some highlights:

  • Little Rascal scooter spotted at two fabulous dive bars. That guy really gets around.
  • Props to the bartenders at Cosmos and Bob & Anne’s. These sassy ladies made the otherwise dive bars pretty cool to hang out at. I’m a sucker for ladies calling me a lil’ darlin’.
  • Jukebox at Bob & Anne’s. Hard to cut around the big country selection, but some nice 50’s hits on there as well.
  • Fried gizzard. Dear god. Fried gizzard. No amount of ranch dressing can make that good.
  • O’Malley’s on 65th and Foster – awesome find. I love it that the bartenders hung around to watch when we decided Irish car bombs would be a good idea. Also carried Ninkasi beer, which is a small brewery in Eugene that is fantastic and hard to find being served in the city.
  • Hamm’s never tasted so good.

This is going to become a monthly outing from now on. There are honestly a few more bars on Foster I am eager to check out. But the people we were with are motivated to have the next bar crawl in their neighborhoods. I think St. Johns’ is next on the list. Good times.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson