Sheet Mulching Update

I am here just waiting patiently for Part III of the Great Sheet Mulching Project… The city was suppose to drop off a huge load of leaves a couple weeks ago. Every evening I come home expecting to see the towering mound, but nary a mound to be found. I plan to call them today… Read more »

Extra Padding

I stumbled upon this picture this evening as I was rummaging through some old photos. It’s me feeding my little chick Mabel with an eye dropped. She didn’t make it in the end, but I certainly tried everything to keep her around. Pearl, Hazel, and Winnie are all doing well. A little bored I think… Read more »

Gardening Gift

My sister made me an awesome birthday gift that I wanted to share for fellow gardeners. It’s a pattern for a gardening apron from You Grow Girl. There are little pockets along the front to hold things like trowels, twine, seed packets, gloves, what-have-you. The possibilities are almost endless. Almost. Anne tells me the pattern… Read more »

All in One Piece

The Felony Flats Pub Crawl was a huge success. We had about 10 people that made it out on the rainy and cold Saturday night. There were about 11 bars on our list with a neatly laid out time frame for each location. Here are some highlights: Little Rascal scooter spotted at two fabulous dive… Read more »

Felony Flats

As renters in Portland, we had the luxury of living in whatever neighborhood we wanted to plant ourselves in. The burning desire to buy a house and plant a permanent garden finally took over about a year ago and we began the house-hunt. Housing prices in Portland can be challenging, but we found our great… Read more »

The Great Sheet Mulching 2007 (Part II of III)

I knew I would be doing all of the sheet mulching alone this weekend. I also knew the weather forecast was rain all weekend. To say I haven’t really been looking forward to this weekend would be an understatement. However, I had two gigantic heaps of wood chips on our front yard and someone had… Read more »

Flurry of Activity

I just have to share the random chicken adventure from this morning. Here’s how it went down… The chickens were free-ranging in the backyard and got excited when they saw me come in with a huge load of cardboard for our sheet mulching project. They ran over, probably expecting food treats, and Winnie got out… Read more »

The Great Sheet Mulching 2007 (Part I of III)

Our plan is to sheet mulch our entire front and backyard. We want to eliminate all of the grass in our yard and replace it with fruit bearing trees/shrubs and beneficial insect attracting plants. Here is a quick recap of why we don’t want grass: Labor intensive – I want to spend my weekend leisure… Read more »

Full of Beans

We have been calling around to different tree services asking if they are interested in dumping off wood chips at our house for the Great Sheet Mulching 2007. Someone finally panned out! I came home last night to a big, beautiful pile of fresh wood chips. It’s steaming away outside our front door and I… Read more »