Sheet Mulching Update

I am here just waiting patiently for Part III of the Great Sheet Mulching Project… The city was suppose to drop off a huge load of leaves a couple weeks ago. Every evening I come home expecting to see the towering mound, but nary a mound to be found. I plan to call them today… Read more »

Extra Padding

I stumbled upon this picture this evening as I was rummaging through some old photos. It’s me feeding my little chick Mabel with an eye dropped. She didn’t make it in the end, but I certainly tried everything to keep her around. Pearl, Hazel, and Winnie are all doing well. A little bored I think… Read more »

Gardening Gift

My sister made me an awesome birthday gift that I wanted to share for fellow gardeners. It’s a pattern for a gardening apron from You Grow Girl. There are little pockets along the front to hold things like trowels, twine, seed packets, gloves, what-have-you. The possibilities are almost endless. Almost. Anne tells me the pattern… Read more »

All in One Piece

The Felony Flats Pub Crawl was a huge success. We had about 10 people that made it out on the rainy and cold Saturday night. There were about 11 bars on our list with a neatly laid out time frame for each location. Here are some highlights: Little Rascal scooter spotted at two fabulous dive… Read more »

Felony Flats

As renters in Portland, we had the luxury of living in whatever neighborhood we wanted to plant ourselves in. The burning desire to buy a house and plant a permanent garden finally took over about a year ago and we began the house-hunt. Housing prices in Portland can be challenging, but we found our great… Read more »

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