After completing my recent travels, my body decided to round everything out with a nice head cold today. I guess that is my body telling me to slow down a little. Ugh, I hate being sick – I get so bored at home when I can’t allow myself to do anything productive. Hopefully I’ll kick the cold quickly.

Jay and I took advantage of the fine Autumn weather yesterday and hopped on our bikes for a long ride. That might have proved to be a little too much motivation since the cold began to settle in later that night… Check it out this great resource for bike routes in Portland though if you live in the area. It was really helpful when we were planning our route and you can get detailed maps by neighborhood. Here is the detailed pdf map of SE Portland.

The ride was altogether pretty easy, but I hear the Springwater Trail gets a little seedy at night with transients sleeping along the way. The day was perfect though and it felt good to feel my muscles work again. We stopped when we got down to water front, picked up some provisions from our favorite grocery store, New Seasons, and had a picnic before heading back home. Reminded me of our lazy Sundays when we used to live in Barcelona. We would make a big breakfast, take a walk through the nearby park, then spend the afternoon combing the beach and sipping cafe con leches. Yeah, it was a rough life over there…

I might consider becoming a bike commuter again to work. One of the great things about living in Portland is how easy it is to get around on your bike. Lots of people commute to and from work every day on their bikes here and you start to feel like a pack as you all ride shoulder-to-shoulder across the bridges into downtown. I will always be a fair-weather commuter though, so we shall see how many dry days we get over the next few months.

Okay, back to more broth and daytime TV. The ride yesterday was still totally worth it.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson