I should be working and not blogging… but I just found my new favorite website: Overheard in PDX I love living in Portland.

Back on the Bike

After completing my recent travels, my body decided to round everything out with a nice head cold today. I guess that is my body telling me to slow down a little. Ugh, I hate being sick – I get so bored at home when I can’t allow myself to do anything productive. Hopefully I’ll kick… Read more »

Market Day

After an intense four days in NYC, followed by another 4 in LA, the farmer’s market was the perfect detox. Nothing like fresh air, fall leaves, strong coffee, and baskets of produce to welcome me back home. The Lent’s International Farmer’s Market near my house has shut down for the season, but the Saturday Farmer’s… Read more »

Take Me Home

It’s been fun the last week traveling around for work. I spent four intense days in New York City. I love that town, but I felt like I needed a week to recover from my trip. The energy is so high, people actually dress up, the food is fantastic… It reminds me of my bohemian… Read more »

Signs of Life

As the chiller nights set in and the rains begin falling, I start getting this yearning to make big pots of soup, drink some strong dark beers, and hole up inside our little house. It’s been looking like my garden feels the same way in general. I never even bothered picking the corn since it… Read more »

Harvest Festival & Orchard Tour

One Green World is a fabulous nursery located in Molalla, Oregon, which is a rural area about a 30-45 minute drive from our house here in Portland. They specialize in unique fruiting (for the most part) trees and shrubs that they have gathered from around the world. They carry the usual suspects, like apple, Asian… Read more »

Fall Clean Up

It has been a brisk, fairly dry weekend in Portland – the kind of autumn days when it’s quite pleasant to be outside bundled up. I took advantage of the fine weather by preparing the garden for winter. I pulled up the zucchini and broccoli plants, turning them over on the soil so they can… Read more »

Into the Wild

Not gardening related. But what do you expect? It’s raining and cold and I have no gardening news! I swear I will get back to gardening stuff soon, but I figure it’s my blog so I’ll write about random stuff too. I had the opportunity recently to see an advanced showing of this movie coming… Read more »

Muddy days are here again!

Radius Studio has now become Radius Community Art Studio, and I just can’t wait to get in there and start throwing clay again! The studio announced this past summer they were moving locations, and I had finally decided to bow out as a studio partner. Instead I planned to buy my own wheel and convert… Read more »