Where is my Indian summer in Portland this year? It feels like summer is long gone, but the autumn equinox isn’t even here yet… I think we missed out on summer this year in Portland all together. I remember one week in July that was hot and sunny, but that seemed to be the end of that. The rest of July and August were fairly wet and cool. My hopes were up for September, as we typically enjoy fabulous 75 degree weather through the month. No such luck this year. The leaves have even started turning already!

In the spirit of today’s cozy, cold day, here are some pictures of the various gourds that have been creeping out inch by inch at night, slowly taking over the garden. Not that I mind them in the least. Rather I am both shocked and amused. Shocked because I saved the seeds from our various Halloween pumpkin haul last year off a nearby farm. I guess I didn’t really think seed-saving was that easy? Amused because it’s a pleasant surprise every time I go outside and walk around. They are everywhere! I will harvest the gourds, but let the vines compost in place. It will add some nice mulch material back in the ground, give the worms something to munch on, and compost some fine nutrients back into the soil.
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Written by Renee Wilkinson