Okay, back to gardening business… Has anyone else given up for the season? It started pouring today in Portland and I have pretty much thrown in the towel at this point.

Aphids larvae is crawling all over my nasturtium. I chopped all the swiss chard off to the ground. The chicken coop door is wide open for the girls to free range and wreak havoc. The zucchini plants are starting to waste away in the shorter Fall days. Good reminder that next year I need to be better about making sure there are enough flowers in bloom all season long to support the ladybugs. I think they have abandoned the garden and let the aphids win. Yuck.

Everything is going to just compost in place, but it’s time I gather any leftover produce from outside and make quick work of it in the kitchen. A friend sent me this great article in the New York Times called Making Over the Much-Maligned Eggplant. It was entertaining to read and gives me some new ideas for harvesting the last of the eggplant. Either I had good luck or they are just the easiest thing to grow.

In unrelated news, I have decided to move with my new ceramics studio into their new space. I checked it out last week and fell in love. Hopefully tomorrow night I can move all my tools and gear in, throw on some good music, and get muddy again. Good timing since I prefer to get muddy inside a nice warm building than out in the chilly, wet September days we have been having. I will post pictures of the new space when I can. They have a terribly decrepit outdoor space that I had grand plans of turning into a little urban oasis. We shall see!
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Written by Renee Wilkinson