Back to Business

Okay, back to gardening business… Has anyone else given up for the season? It started pouring today in Portland and I have pretty much thrown in the towel at this point. Aphids larvae is crawling all over my nasturtium. I chopped all the swiss chard off to the ground. The chicken coop door is wide… Read more »

When I’m a Rockstar…

This is not gardening-related at all, but I just need to share two of the coolest music videos I have even seen. I love Feist and dear Jay bought me her newest album for one my birthday gifts. One of these videos is featured in the new ipod commercial. But I just feel like I… Read more »

You Grow Girl

My friend Erika mentioned this book to me about a year ago, called “You Grow Girl” by Gayla Trail. I was in the midst of my permaculture high from finishing up “Gaia’s Garden” by Toby Hemenway, so I didn’t really let her recommendation sink in… (By the way – just to pat myself on the… Read more »

Tomatoes, Basil, and Bob

One of the great things about sharing your love of gardening with friends is pooling the harvest together. We have some friends in the neighborhood that have had great success with their tomatoes this summer. Last night we were taking a stroll by their house and they sent us home with a lovely assortment of… Read more »

Gallery of Gourds

Where is my Indian summer in Portland this year? It feels like summer is long gone, but the autumn equinox isn’t even here yet… I think we missed out on summer this year in Portland all together. I remember one week in July that was hot and sunny, but that seemed to be the end… Read more »

Naked Ladies

The girls are molting! I noticed tons of feathers inside the coop over the last week or so, but I assumed there had been a skirmish of some sort within the pecking order. Saturday I was cleaning out the coop though and noticed the ladies are starting to shed their feathers to grow new ones… Read more »

Motivation Canned

My childhood home was a 1930’s farmhouse situation on 3/4 of an acre in SE Portland, which as a child seemed like an endless plot of land. For someone living out in the country, that probably doesn’t seem like much. Being within the city limits though, I had the biggest yard of anyone I knew… Read more »

House Bound

Apparently I am a huge procrastinator. Who knew? Okay, I actually knew that already, but maybe you didn’t? A little off topic, but the headlight on our car has been out for a month, I’ve been pulled over and given warnings twice, and yet it still has no new headlight. An auto parts store is… Read more »

More Time for Happy Hour

I have been a bad blogger lately. But I start to feel too guilty, I start realizing most gardening-related blogs I read have slowed down a little in the posting department. This is the time of year we all work for hard for, so we should be excused for keeping on top of blogging. Yeah,… Read more »