As a celebration of our Independence Day, let’s exercise our freedom of speech with a little election!

To give you some background, almost a year ago we moved into this very unloved and neglected 1927 bungalow. As soon as we moved in, we spent many weekends and evenings working on the interior: painting those drab white walls, peeling off crumbling plaster, fixing plumbing problems, installing a dishwasher, etc. Then our focus moved outside to the yard, slowly turning an all-grass backyard into a budding garden. Currently the house is in desperate need of an exterior paint job. There are siding boards that need replacing, paint chipping everywhere, and in many cases paint is gone and the boards are just exposed to the elements.

Our little election will be voting on what color we should paint our house!

I did a little work in Photo Shop and please keep in mind I am not an expert. But these pictures should give you a general idea of what our three options are. A few other notes of interest before you vote:

  1. Focus on the main color, not the trim/accent colors
  2. Feel free to make a suggestion on trim/accent colors if you have a better combo idea
  3. You can only vote for one of these three colors for the main color :)

Please refer to the photo immediately below which is a small snapshot of our neighbors’ houses. Think about what our house color will look like next to theirs (maybe all three options would look fine?)

Let’s bring in the contestants… (drum roll please)

Option #1: Georgia Yellow (this looks little brighter than I think it is…)

Option #2: Cogswell Cedar (Red)

Option #3: Rocky Hill (Blue)

To vote, you need to just post a comment. There should be a little “comment” link at the bottom of this post. Click on that and type in your color vote. You will need to choose an identity to leave your comment: Blogger ID (if you have one), Other (just type in the name you want to appear), or Anonymous. Chose one of those three buttons and publish your comment! I had feedback from a reader who was unable to comment, so this is acting as a test as well :-)
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Written by Renee Wilkinson