This is just a quick post for those living in the Portland metro area. Portland City Repair will be coordinating a lot of really interesting workshops, many of which appear to be free, that range in topics but include permaculture subjects. Click HERE for their list of workshops.
I wish I could attend some, especially the rain barrel one, but my weekend is looking pretty booked up. I have heard about the Yoshida’s place out near the airport where you can buy big plastic containers that used to hold sauce and convert them into rain barrels. I plan to make some for our house at some point, but too many projects so far.
I have also been really curious about the greywater systems, where you route water from your sink, shower, etc and reuse it outside. Often people set up a series of small ponds with vegetation and the plants clean the water as it moves from pool to pool. Again, Toby Hemenway gives a good quick overview in his chapter on water conservation in Gaia’s Garden.

(Picture of sample rain barrel from City Repair website)
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