I ride the bus to and from work, so I must have been a site to see in January and February. I would balance my travel mug in one hand and several seed and nursery catalogs in the other. After a few different sketches on Photo Shop, I landed on one final design that would allow for a future patio and raised garden beds.

I have to admit that after spending an equal amount of time surfing the net looking for pictures of other people’s urban food forests, I was a little nervous. It felt like I was walking into this great unknown. It’s one thing to see it on paper, and another to start tearing up your yard and shoving in plants. I did it anyways.

In early February my seed order was sent off and it was time to get cracking. I spent one particularly miserable, rainy Sunday building my second power tool project: four raised garden beds. I used leftover wood from our fence and was done by the end of the day. I even moved them into place by myself. Since they are roughly 6′ x 4′, that must have been a sight to see.

I forked over about $200 to have Mt Scott Fuel deliver 8 cubic yards of stellar soil/compost that I shoveled, hauled, and tapped down with a 120 pound weight… me. I’m on my way!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson